LEAF SHINE & PEST REPELLENT IN A BEAUTIFUL 500ML AMBER GLASS BOTTLE.Hand crafted Neem Oil Leaf Shine & Pest Repellent with 100% certified organic Australian Neem Oil and the added benefits of trace elements. Including sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sulphur and vit C. All giving back nutrients through the leaves whilst working it’s magic as a leaf shine and keeping pests away. Your plants will be smiling back at you (almost literally). A plant based emulsifier has been added to allow for easy application.This neem oil has the added benefit of being almost completely odourless, so it doesn’t stand a chance of attracting more bugs to your indoor plants. The  leaf shine is a light weight formula that won’t clog the pores of you plant but will still bring a great shine.Directions. Apply generously to the plants leaves for effective treatment against aphids, mealy bugs and scale. For the treatment of fungus gnats; apply liberally to the top of the soil. For application to leaves, spray directly on to the foliage, including the underneath and wipe with a soft cloth.Shake well before use. Safe to use around pets & children. Spot test before use and do not apply to plants in direct sunlight. Please recycle the container. Use our beautiful glass bottle as a plant mister when you’re finished with the neem oil. Ensure to clean out the bottle and sprayer.

Neem Oil and Leaf Shine


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